A New Blog

I can now say that I have a blog on my website!


This is all running on Nuxt 3's Content library. It converts markdown into pretty HTML, or at least I hope it's pretty.

Content Todo

I still need to work on adding more metadata like creation dates. How knows when I'll get to that.

Another thing lacking, is currently code highlighting doesn't work. Here is an example:

println!("Hello, World!");


While I have tried to make the website somewhat accessible by not just using only div tags, I still have more work.

Currently, there is no "skip to content" button for tabbing. I found a great example on the Vue docs that I'll probably adapt.

Current Projects

Tumblr API

I recently started learning how to use the Tumblr API. Rust is my preferred coding language, but sadly I wasn't able to find a library that implemented the API. So, I resorted to creating my own. I've never really created a proper Rust library, so this is good experience.

So far in the library, you can create, query and reblog posts. I's definitely not complete, but it's nice to see how much progress I made.

Shitposting: Now In Color

I created a repo where I'm using the library I created.

Something that annoys me with Tumblr is that they only give you 8 colors—one of those being background color! Tumblr's backend allows for 8-bit color. That's 2,097,152 times more colors!

Since Tumblr has far more colors on that backend and we can use those with the API, I thought it would be a good first project. Unicode offers a square symbol "■" and it can be recolored. We essentially have a pixel. I then wrote some code that converts a png into colored squares.

Here you can see the final output:

Left: The Finite Doctor in 8-bit style on the left. Right: A tumblr post with the image converted to colored text

My next thought was what if I did this but with a video. I did, but you should see it in all of its glory on your own.


Honestly, I was just trying to fill out a full page of text, but does that really matter?