Me and many other people loved space mods like Galacticraft, but they're on old versions of Minecraft. Apollo is a space mod the utilizes newer aspects of Minecraft like custom worlds through datapacks. Apollo is still actively developing and improving. I will take feedback, but remember that early on there will be many placeholder features and textures.


  • The Moon
  • Meteorites
  • Spacesuit
  • Low gravity
  • Custom data-driven skybox

Planned Features

  • Fuel refining
  • More planets
  • An API to allow for expansion datapacks and mods to be created

Bleeding Edge

If you would like a bleeding edge version of Apollo, they can be found on GitHub. They're automatically created anytime a change is pushed. Click on the version you would like and download the artifacts. This will be a zip file containing the mod. Bleeding edge may be unstable so use a backup of your world or create a new world.


If you have found a bug or have an idea of how Apollo can be improved, then go to the GitHub page and fill out a ticket.